The frontage of this monastery is one of the greats of Galician Renaissance architecture, very sober like the rest of the building.
Inside the church, we highlight the main altarpiece, recently restored. It is the work of the Galician sculptor Mateo del Prado who carved the high-relief scenes dedicated to the New Testament out of wood. The high choir was also restored by the Portuguese Alonso Martínez at the beginning of the 17th century, made of uncolored white walnut wood.
Attached to the south wall of the church is the processional cloister. It was built between the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century. The monastery preserves another cloister, that of the hostelry. It was built to provide a welcome service to those who requested Montederramo hospitality.
It is in the founding text of this monastery in 1124 when the mention of "Rivoira Sacrata" appears for the first time.

The Montederramo city council has a regulation of the visit rates for different groups:
Over 65 years: € 1.5
Disabled or unemployed people: Free
In both cases, the discount will be applied by paying the staff the difference in access to the monastery. For that you will have to present the ordinary ticket with the DNI or document that proves the condition for the reduced rate.
GROUPS: Groups of 10 to 30 people: € 2 // Groups of 31 to 50 people: € 1.5 // More than 50 people: € 1
(For security reasons the capacity is temporarily limited to a maximum of 30 people)

More information

From Ourense / A-52 take OU-536 towards Trives for approximately 37 km. Turn off at Leboreiro towards Montederramo.
From Monforte de Lemos / CG-2.2 (Lugo) take LU-903 through Doade and to Castro Caldelas. From Castro Caldelas continue on the OU-536 towards Ourense for approximately 12 km. until Leboreiro and turn off towards Montederramo.

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