The amazement of the visitor who takes a risk in these places is totally welcoming when reaching the beautiful Romanesque building that preserves the architectural elements in all their purity. It is located in one of the meanders that the Sil river forms when bordering Mount Varona, on a peninsula covered by an old and lush chestnut forest. Without a doubt, one of the magical places in Ribeira Sacra.
The Benedictine monastery has its origin in the 10th century. It was first an independent monastery and after the improvements in the 16th century, it remains today as a priory dependent on the monastery of San Esteban de Ribas de Sil, as well as the one of San Vicente de Pombeiro in the village of Panton.

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From Ourense / A-52 continue on the OU-536 road towards Trives for 36 km and turn off at Vilariño Frío towards Parada de Sil.
From Monforte de Lemos / CG-2.2 (Lugo) follow the LU-903 road through Doade and to Castro Caldelas. From Castro Caldelas continue on OU-536 towards Ourense 13 km and turn off at Vilariño Frío towards Parada de Sil.

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