The ''cacharreiros'' (potters) of Niñodaguia—also known as ''xarreiros'' or ''calleiros'' —maintained their traditional pottery trade thanks to the unique, abundant clay of Mount Barro, in Veigachá. The clay, with its high kaolin content, along with the temperatures which the pieces are subjected to in the kiln, give this pottery its colour, its lightness and the sound what makes it different.

*There is the possibility of a combined visit with the Monastery of Xuqueira for 3 euros both visits.

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From Ourense / A-52 take the OU-536 towards Trives for approximately 24 km. and turn off at Niñodaguia following indications.
From Monforte de Lemos / CG-2.2 (Lugo) take LU-903 through Doade to Castro Caldelas. From Castro Caldelas continue on the OU-536 towards Ourensefor approx 26 km. and turn off at Niñodaguia following indications.

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