The monastery of Santa María de Xunqueira de Espadanedo is one of the most important in Ribeira Sacra, being visited by more than 3,500 people per year. It is supposed that in 1170 it joins the Montederramo Monastery as an abbey. It has many elements that make it worth visiting, including the many architectural styles, from Romanesque to Baroque.

(Important: The church of the Monastery has worship, so there may be religious celebrations that we do not know previously or funerals. In these situations it would not be possible to make the visit during the services and it would be advised by phone or email to change the time / day or the price of the tickets is returned)

*There is the possibility of a combined visit with the Niñodaguia Pottery Museum for 3 euros both visits.

More information

From Ourense / A-52 take OU-536 towards Trives for approximately 22 km.
From Monforte de Lemos / CG-2.2 (Lugo) take LU-903 through Doade and to Castro Caldelas. From Castro Caldelas continue on the OU-536 towards Ourense for approximately 25 km.

This touristic resource opens on a split day between 01-07-2021 and 15-10-2021 the following week days:


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